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baby..some tears never dry..
I used to think that we could work it out
i used to think that if we had some problems , i alwyas thought if there was love around. No matter what, i always thought we'll solve it.
Now, everyday, we're in an argument, it's like a circle that don't ever end. we're keeping secrets and we're telling lies, whatever's wrong. let's make it right, cause I....
i don't wanna say goodbye, cause my heart couldn't take it. baby , give me one more try. I
i don't wanna have to cry, cause i know if we lose it baby, some tears never dry...
noe, what happened to our movie night? girl, i thought that we would have always them. i used to make u laugh like all the time , now i don't ever , we got a problem.
lately, you never ask about my day. and. on the phone we got nothing to say. i get the feeling something's going on. whatever's wrong, let's make it right. cause i.
i don't wanna say some tears never dry.
let's talk about, a way that we can work it out. girl, we're running outta time, and the thought of a break up. Is tearing running me up inside, We can work it out, if we talk about it, we can show the world. That you and I fighting for it.
we'll get through the worst
and, i know we'll make it
if we say together. we'll make it through alive
i dont wanna say goodbye...
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